​​​​​​​Pectus Surgery South Africa

Pectus carinatum is the protrusion of the sternum, the opposite of Pectus excavatum. There are two ways of correcting this defect, the one surgical and the other an external brace.

Surgical repair of a pectus carinatum involves inserting a metal bar in front of the sternum compressing it into the correct shape. [Abrahams procedure] the principle of this operation is similar to that of the Nuss procedure, constant compression.

The alternative way of correcting the pectus carinatum is the use of an external chest brace. Many braces are available but the preferred brace now universally used is the dynamic compression brace. The advantages of this brace are that the pressure used to correct the problem can slowly be increased as the carinatum corrects. Too much pressure on the brace damages the skin as well as causing significant pain. Gradually increasing the pressure avoids these complications. The brace is also adjustable as the patient grows. This is especially relevant in the adolescent group. The dynamic compression brace is measured individually and custom-made for each patient.

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